Unable to breathe and about to let go of my last hope of living, 

I felt the peace of my impending death untithe arms of my friend wrapped around me, 

put me on his surfboard and paddled me to shore.

After this traumatic surfing accident, my life has been full of ups and downs, with questions nagging me. 

"Why was I still alive? Why did I hang on in the water for so long and not just give up sooner?" 

These were the thoughts swirling around my head for years.

Going through life with these questions caused me to become depressed every once and a while. 


New Years’ Eve 2004 was a particularly rough time in my life. 

I was contemplating the option of closing my cabinet shop in Salt Lake City and move back to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

"What would become of me? What can I do? How will I make a living?"

During this time of confusion, I sought refuge in my place of solace : the shower.  

Two hours and a lot of water later, a voice came to me, my voice: “Be who you are suppose to be.” 

This statement kept coming back, so I asked the question: “Who am I suppose to be?”  

The answer was clear and definite: “You are an artist!”

Ever since that moment, I began once again to create using the techniques I learned at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. 

It was nine years since I painted or sculpted, but the passion to create came back with a vengeance... and I haven’t stopped. 

At first, it was sculpture that peeked my interest, then, after meeting my wife, I returned to painting.

I go where my emotions lead me. 

Through my art I resolve questions that need to be answered or challenges that need to be resolved that only marriage can bring up. 

My work reflects who I am and what I am thinking. Abstraction is how I communicate these feelings. 

My paintings change as frequently as life. No sitting still for too long! Keep exploring! Live!!